Jobber - Bright HSS - X-29 Brad Point - Fractional Sizes

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The X-29 is all encompassing. The design is a result of exceptional engineering and precision manufacturing. Its function is extremely smooth, clean and fast.

  • Excellent drilling performance in wood, and a broad range of plastics – including acrylic and specific sheet metal applications
  • Dihedral point geometry engineered to drill extremely fast and clean
  • Unrivaled hole accuracy and quality from entry to exit
  • Task specific flutes designed for optimal chip evacuation
  • Generates minimal heat and material burn
  • Industrial-grade NAS High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Packaged and priced in 6 pack and 12 pack quantities (size specific)
  • Patented RMT cutting tool
  • Made in the USA
Material applications: wood, plastics (including acrylic), sheet metal (specific materials and applications)